Integrative Coaching

Individual Coaching


Individual coaching is provided to assist our clients in reaching their goals. Whether that is achieving a work/life balance, improving time-management skills, reaching career goals, or simply putting more fun back into their lives. We offer a variety of Individual Coaching Packages to meet your individual needs.

Group Coaching


Group Coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context. It is an intimate conversation space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness around key issues, taking action, and accountability. We offer group coaching to organizations, and to individuals such as business owners, busy professionals, or other groups tackling the same issues. Group Coaching may be conducted virtually and in-person. 

Team Coaching


In Team Building we know that Highly Effective Teams have at least Six (6) Core Factors such as Shared Mission, Shared Performance Goals and Shared Team Practices. We at i3T Coaching have a robust toolkit that includes a variety of questions to support our clients in deepening awareness and taking action towards their important goals.  

Seminars & Workshops



We schedule our Seminars and Workshops throughout the year and can conduct them for your organization upon request. Programs include: Balance and Self-Care, Spring-Clean-Your Life, Career Coaching, Productivity and Time Management, and Self-Discovery. 


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessments


Individual, Couple and Team Training Events. Either to supplement Group or Team Coaching or as a Stand-Alone training event; i3T can provide MBTI Certified Professionals to conduct assessments as part of leadership training, personal assessments, and team building exercises. 



i3T publishes a monthly newsletter for our clients that keeps them up to date on events, upcoming Seminars/Workshops, new resources in the Coaching Community and helpful articles to keep them motivated. These articles provide inspiration, how to guides and tools for success in reaching their goals. 

Cyber Services

Assessment & Authorization


i3T delivers comprehensive assessment and/or evaluation of information systems policies, technical / non-technical security components, documentation, supplemental safeguards, policies, and vulnerabilities.

Computer Network Defense


i3T applies and technology-driven approach to our Federal client's processes and protective measures to detect, monitor, protect, analyze and defend against vulnerabilities resulting in service/network denial, degradation and disruptions.

Education & Training


i3T understands that cybersecurity begins with having talented and skilled professionals. Our education and training services include live, virtual, constructive (LVC) training delivery. We are skilled in instructional design and development, task development and linkage in support of institutional, operational, and self-development training domains.

End User Services


Our End-User Services (EUS) portfolio of support services optimize EUS operations to realize strategic outcomes driven by service level objectives. i3T offerings include Deskside Support, Field Services, ITSM, Release & Deployment, and Service Desk Operations.

IT Operations


i3T provides Tier 1, 2, and 3 IT Operations solutions for enterprise and local infrastructure and services including: Application, Services, Systems Administration, Voice, and Video Administration.

Network Operations


i3T provides Network Administration, Management, and Operations support for our client's gateways, firewalls, web proxy servers, email relays, domain name servers, and supporting network components.

Intelligence Services

Capability Development


Our team supports the Capability Based Assessment (CBA) process to identify required capabilities, gaps and solutions. We provide subject matter experts to develop capability documents, Force Design Updates, and DOTMLPF-P solutions.

Cost-Benefit Analysis (C-BA)


i3T conducts analysis and reports Cost Benefit Analysis (C-BA) in support of future military capabilities.This analysis assits in identifying, quantifying, and evaluating the future costs and benefits of alternative solutions.

Enterprise Architecture


i3T Enterprise Architects assist capability development through communicating complex systems and operations with the DoDAF Architectural Framework. These architecture products are critical in support of the systems engineering approach to capability development enabling stakeholders to communicate and understand requirements across the systems lifecycle.